Sacramento, CA, June 13 – Today, more than one hundred Californians from across the region visited state assembly members to push for stronger leadership on the Golden State’s clean energy transition. Advocates called for immediate support of Senate Bill 100, a bill sponsored by Sen. Kevin de León to activate a full transition of California’s electric sector to clean energy by 2045.

The lobby day was organized by the California 100% Clean Energy Coalition, a broad movement of more than two dozen communities and organizations across the state working toward a clean energy future.

“The time is now to move to 100% clean energy. We have the know-how, we have the skills, and the public supports clean energy. It’s time for our elected officials to pass 100% clean energy bills like SB 100,” said Dan Jacobson, Director of Environment California.

“Dirty energy is driving climate change, while poisoning our families. We’re tired of a system that leaves our communities sick. We need to unplug corporate polluters and power up California with 100% clean, renewable energy now with a focus on the most impacted communities. SB 100 will transition our state away from fossil fuels that have disproportionately impacted the most disadvantaged communities and communities of color. The bill charts a pathway for the public health and economic benefits of local renewable energy to reach communities that need it the most,” said Strela Cervas, Interim Co-Director, California Environmental Justice Alliance.

“As mothers, we know our kids’ future depends 100% on transitioning our society to 100% clean energy ASAP,” said Stacy Levy of Mothers Out Front California. “It’s time for our legislators to listen to the mothers and put our children’s future and our communities’ health ahead of oil company profits and campaign donations. We’re holding them accountable to do the right thing and pass SB 100, now. Our kids have no time to wait.”

“Over one hundred Californians visited Sacramento lawmakers today to remind them that this is a key moment to lead the country on climate and clean energy progress. As Washington continues to propose sweeping environmental rollbacks, we owe it to our communities and to future generations to strengthen our commitment to charting a better path forward,” said Ed Smeloff, Vote Solar’s California Policy Director.

“If California is a global climate leader then we must do everything possible to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. In the coming decades we must turn down our natural gas use and power our grid with 100 percent clean energy. The grid operators, utilities and the Public Utilities Commission should plan now how they will phase out fossil fuel and natural gas power plants in an orderly and equitable way that ensures the lights stay on,” said Laura Wisland, senior manager at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“Moving to 100 percent clean energy for California is not only the right move for our climate, but also for our communities,” said Erica Martinez, California Policy Advocate for Earthjustice. “The health of our families and the quality of the air we breathe depend on a transition to clean energy that doesn’t leak from pipelines or spew from smokestacks in Californian neighborhoods. Today, communities from across the state showed up and demanded 100 percent clean energy—now, it’s up to our state leaders to deliver by supporting bills like SB 100.”

“Despite what we know about the causes and consequences of climate change, and despite the availability of clean and reliable alternatives, Los Angeles-area utilities are stubbornly moving ahead with plans for new gas-fired generation,” said Dan Brotman, lead organizer for the 350 Greater Los Angeles Legislative Committee. “Once built, we will be burdened with these investments for a generation. This is why it’s so critical for legislators to send a clear signal today that the era of dirty fossil-fuel energy is coming to a close.”

“The Jewish teaching of bal tashchit, “do not destroy,” reminds us we are responsible for our impact on the planet. Converting to clean energy is fundamental to this responsibility and to passing on a livable world to our children,” said Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller, of the California Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC-CA).

“Four in five Californians say global warming is a serious threat to the state’s future.” notes Mark Grossman, director of 350 Silicon Valley. “Many individual residents are making a transition to 100% renewable energy, but without government impetus, it’s won’t happen soon enough for enough people. We know it can be done – let’s show the rest of the country how.”

“Fossil Free California’s volunteers came from around the state to participate in Clean Energy Lobby Day,” said Deborah Silvey, FFCA board chair. “We understand that California needs to move quickly into the transition to a clean energy economy, and we want our legislators to get that message from us in person.”

“California’s leading polices – like our Renewables Portfolio Standard – have energized our clean energy economy and more than 140k Californians are now employed in solar and wind. SB 100 will provide an attainable action plan for the state to achieve 100% clean energy, reduce the climate impact of our electricity, and deliver market signals to encourage continued investment in our clean energy economy,”says Andy Wunder, Western States Advocate at E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs).

“California is a global leader in the transition to cleaner, smarter ways to power our progress.  It is essential that we take strong action now to reduce emissions, protect public health, and lead the way to more good-paying clean energy jobs, to innovation that makes us more efficient, and to leaving our children a livable world. SB 100 puts California on a path to 100 percent clean energy, which will be good for our economy, our families, and our future,” said Peter Miller, Western Energy Project Director, Natural Resources Defense Council.


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The California 100% Clean Energy Coalition is a broad movement of communities and organizations across the state working together to achieve our collective vision for 100%. We’re calling on California’s lawmakers to pass a clean SB 100 bill that will set a path for 100% clean electricity by 2045. Visit to learn more.